Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Books, Books

am selling some books, guys. pick-up 2pm monday monday next week. just message me here or email me @ if you guys are interested. thanks. :)

1. Hand to Mouth: Paul Auster -- P300
2. The Dark Stuff (Selected Writings on Rock Music) : Nick Kent -- P300
3. The Best American Poetry 1999: Edited by Robert Bly -- P250
4. The God of Small Things: Arundhati Roy -- P200
5. Rolling Stone's Alt-Rock-A-Rama: Facts and Trivia on the Alt Rock Scene -- P300
6. The Life and Times of Janis Joplin: Alice Nichols -- P200
7. The Best American Poetry 1997: Edited by James Tate -- P300
8. Doodaa: The Balletic Art of Ralph Steadman (HB) -- P400
9. In Quest: Poems of Chou En-Lai -- P150
10. Wordsounds & Sightings: Poems by Michael Horovitz -- P150
11. Loading Mercury With A Pitchfork: Poems by Richard Brautigan -- P200
12. Babylon in a Jar: Poems by Andrew Hudgins -- P150
13. Walking on Alligators (A Book of Meditation for Writers) -- Susan Shaughnessy -- P200
14. Prose, Poetry, Politics: Works by Harold Pinter -- P250
15. Magic for Beginners: Kelly Link -- P300
16. The Best American Non-Required Reading 2002: Edited by Dave Eggers -- P250
17. Bookmark Now (Writing in Unreaderly Times): edited by Kevin Smokler -- P250
18. Read'Em and Weep (A Bedside Poker Companion): edited by John Stravinsky -- P200
19. The Best American Poetry 1993: Edited by Louise Gluck -- P350
21. The Best American Poetry 2002: Edited by Robert Creeley -- P350
20. Milk It! Collected Musings on the Alternative Music Explosion of the '90s -- P450

Friday, November 16, 2007

Happy Mondays XVI: Pictura Poiesis

Pancho Villanueva

ekphrasis -- Main Entry: ek·phra·sis Variant(s): also ec·phra·sis \ˈek-frə-səs\ Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural ek·phra·ses also ec·phra·ses \-ˌsēz\ Etymology: Greek ekphrasis, literally, description, from ekphrazein to recount, describe, from ex- out + phraze in to point out, explain

Date: 1715

: a literary description of or commentary on a visual work of art

PICTURA POIESIS: A Night of Ekphrastic Poetry
19 November 2007
Mag:Net Café, Katipunan
7- 930pm

The special 16th edition of the bi-monthly Happy Mondays Poetry Nights, featuring eight poets reading poems inspired by the visual arts

1. Ida Anita Del Mundo – on “The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt
2. Kristian Abe Dalao – on “Dreamcatcher” by Pancho Villanueva
3. Noelle Dela Cruz – on Friedrich’s “Wanderer Above the Sea of Mist”
4. Sid Gomez Hildawa – on Juan Luna’s “Tampuhan” and “Parisian Life”
5. Dr. Marjorie Evasco – on Picasso’s “Maternidad”
6. Dr. Benilda Santos – on Ang Kiukok’s “Crucifixion” series
7. Joel M. Toledo – on Monet’s “Haystacks, Snow Effects, Morning”
8. Marne L. Kilates – on photographs by Claro Cortes

Admission is Free. Open Mic follows the main program. See you!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Happy Mondays XV + Los Chupacabras

Featured readers for the 15th installment of the Happy Mondays Poetry Nights @ Mag:Net Katipunan tomorrow are:

1. Marjorie Evasco
2. Marne Kilates
3. Emong De Borja
4. Lourd De Veyra
5. Eric Melendez
6. Pancho Villanueva
7. Peachy Paderna
8. Waps San Diego

Also joining us are Krip Yuson, Jimmy Abad, Kash Avena, Kristian Abe Dalao, and Mikael Co. Reading runs from 7pm to 930pm. Immediately following is the Los Chupacabras gig. Please stay after the reading, guys and support us. Entrance is just P100. Pramis, you'll be famous. :) Kitakits!