Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Mondays XXXIII + Chiaroscuro Book Launch

The upcoming 33rd installment of the Happy Mondays Poetry Nights on August 4, 2008 @ mag:net cafe Katipunan will kick off earlier than usual, with cocktails at 6:30 pm for the launch of Chiaroscuro, followed by readings at 8pm by the featured poets and fictionists listed below:

1. Marjorie Evasco
2. Jimmy Abad
3. Butch Dalisay
4. J. Neil Garcia
5. Marne Kilates
6. Krip Yuson
7. Rebecca Añonuevo
8. Mookie Katigbak
9. Sarge Lacuesta
10. Ramil Gulle
11. Larry Ypil
12. Mikael Co
13. Angelo Suarez
14. Arkaye Kierulf
15. Conchitina Cruz
16. Daryll Delgado
17. Pancho Villanueva
18. Waps San Diego
19. Marie La Viña
20. Joseph Saguid
21. Kash Avena
22. Sasha Martinez
23. Khavn De la Cruz
24. Kris Lacaba

Hosted by Lourd De Veyra
Readings up to 10pm, followed by music from
Los Chupacabras and Dead Pop Stars

FREE ADMISSION the whole evening. Punta naman kayo, pls.
At sana bili na rin kayo ng libro. :)

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Cover study for The Long Lost Startle (Anvil, 2009) by Pancho Villanueva

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sun in Empty Room

No need for furniture and moving figures
and heartbroken women. For now,
the light is enough to point out the many exits
existing in the shade, pointing to them as if
they have always been there and there

leaning sharply into the corner, found by the after
noon emerging from the floor, more and more
doors opening in the walls so that nothing
is remaining when you get there. And never
mind the window, which is only for entry.

After Edward Hopper

Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Mondays XXXII

featured readers for the 32nd installment of the Happy Mondays Poetry Nights @ mag:net cafe Katips are as follows:

1. Emong De Borja
2. Kris Lacaba
3. Waps San Diego
4. Karen Capco
5. Enuh Iglesias
6. Marie La Viña
7. Adam David
8. Pocholo Goitia
9. Mia Tijam
10. Drey Teran
11. Jonar Sabilano
12. Keith Cortez
13. Chingbee Cruz
14. Khavn Dela Cruz
15. Angelo Suarez
16. Ramil Gulle

plus other guest poets and regulars. please bring your stuff for the open mic.

reading starts at 730pm sharp. please come earlier as the first 30 guests will get a chance to take home genuine Moleskine notebooks and journals courtesy of Jasper Ong from avalon.ph.

rakenrol begins at 10pm with the music of (dyandyararannn!)

Taggu Ndios

FREE ADMISSION the whole evening. This Happy Mondays installment with be hosted by Gabe Mercado.


Monday, July 14, 2008

Signs, Signs Everywhere

i rarely open forwarded emails, but this one was sure worth it. hehe.


Posted outside a house in Jaro, Iloilo:

On a glass window of a photography shop in Cabanatuan:

Posted at a construction site in Mandaluyong: BAWAL OMEHI DITO, ANG MAHULI, BOG-BOG!

On the fence of a makeshift parking lot in Pasay: PARKING PEE: P10

Printed on a streamer in front of a gym in Lucena City: We Almost Have Complete Set of Gym Equipments

In a supermarket in Baguio: FRESH FROZEN CHICKEN SOLD HERE

Outside a flower shop along Avenida Rizal: WE SELL ARTIFICIAL FRESH FLOWERS

In a bowling center in Congressional: PARKING FOR COSTUMERS ONLY

In a restaurant in Cebu: WE HAB SOP-DRINK IN CAN AN IN BATOL

On the glass wall of an eatery in Panay Avenue near National Bookstore: WANTED: WAITER, CASHIER, WASHIER


In a classified ads section:WANTED SALESLADY, 20-25 YEARS OLD, PROBABLY SINGLE

Outside a sari-sari store in front of Green Valley in Baguio:NO CRIDET

In a building in Cubao:NONE ID, NOTHING ENTRY

Outside a videoke bar in Pampanga: WE MAKE MODERN ANTIQUE FURNITURE


Outside a shoe store in Pangasinan: WE SELL IMPORTED ROBBER SHOES

In a restaurant in Baguio: WANTED: BOY WAITRESS

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Happy Mondays XXXI

Featured readers for the 31st installment of the Happy Mondays Poetry Nights @ mag:net cafe Katipunan tomorrow, July 7, are as follows:

1. Conchitina Cruz
2. Joseph Saguid
3. Marie La Viña
4. Angelo Suarez
5. Wincy Ong
6. Rafael San Diego
7. Enuh Iglesias
8. Keith Cortez
9. Denise Sajun
10. Adam David
11. Lawrence Bernabe
12. Lourd De Veyra
13. Kim Andrews

Plus other regular and guest readers. This installment will be hosted by Mikael Co.


Los Chupacabras!
Biscochong Halimaw!

ADMISSION IS FREE. Reading starts 7:31 pm, music at 10:37 pm.
Look! The clock is ticking! Kitakits! Makiwasak!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Books, Book

am selling the following titles. VG condtion, mostly paperback editions (not pocketbook size). pick-up in anytime between tomorrow, July 3, 6pm onwards in front of pizza hut Katipunan to July 7 at the Happy mondays poetry reading. buyers should indicate their interest via the comment box below. first to comment gets the respective title. thanks.

1. Vita Nova / Poems by Louise Gluck -- P300
2. The Best of the Best American Poetry (Edited by Harold Bloom) -- P400
3. The Martian Chronicles / Ray Bradbury (HB, new) -- P450
4. Something Wicked This Way Comes / Ray Bradbury (HB, new) -- P450
5. The Talking Horse and The Sad Girl and The Village Under the Sea / Poems by Mark Haddon -- P300
6. Eros, Thanatos, Cubao / Mga Piling Katha ni Tony Perez -- P150
7. Babylon In A Jar / Poems by Andrew Hudgins -- P150
8. The Arts of the Possible / Essays by Adrienne Rich -- P300
9. Hand to Mouth / Essays by Paul Auster -- P450
10. In Quest / Poems by Chou En-Lai -- P200
11. Scars of Sweet Paradise: The Life and Times of Janis Joplin -- P200
12. Bookmark Now: Writing in Unreaderly Times (Essays) - P250
13. To Criticize the Critic and Other Writings / T.S. Eliot -- P250
14. Read 'Em and Weep: A Bedside Poker Companion (Literary Essays) -- P200
15. Ashes to Ashes / Richard Kluger (Pulitzer Prize) -- P200


btw, and finally, the launch of Chiaroscuro, my first book of poetry (UST Press) has a definite date. it will be on August 4, Monday, 7pm at mag:net cafe, Katipunan. more details to follow. sana bumili naman kayo. :)