Friday, May 11, 2012

It is pain

— Jarrell

In another

story, I don’t
set anything

up. A field

over a wall,
expands. A cow,

of course. More
cows grazing.

Pastoral comes
to mind. A stage.

Maybe uncertainty
is the principle behind

myopia. How can
you not love

the eye? Demise
inside a mug because

we are indoors.
Ants drowned and

there’s no more milk.
Let’s go back

(to the meadow
and watch how

this turns) out.
That side where

almost everything’s
green. A problem

of focus: past or
pass. Shift since

evening assembled
and even though

the view’s now
askew, balance is

timed. Study
that recent cut

on your finger,
with no lighting.

What you
will see

is not the knife
gash blood

nor whatever
else led to

this line.
Mind pain

and perhaps
gain empathy

and other
words that graze

on the one

hand. Feel pain
is, on the other,

exact. So long
as you don’t plan

it, misplace it,
it is there.