Friday, April 06, 2012

The Subjunctive Mood

Ness surfaces and CCTVs gasp, “ty!”
I, offers the persona, and out comes we.
The ideal gathers the what-could-have-been
and likewise says, “ty!” Fealty, sincerity, loyal-
ty. My dog, in all his humbleness, knows nothing
of humility. If I were to give him a bone, his
ferocity could translate for a moment to kind-
ness. Yet you should not try to pet him as he
might quickly regain his fierceness. Thank you,
Ness offers, flashing her neck. You’ve caught me,
though just maybe.
As many can dispute her
authenticity. Just as no dog’s barking will
sound like an “E,” this could be the 14th line
and this one just thanks thee. Now as you were.