Monday, April 02, 2012

Better Late Than Never: IntPoWriMo 2012

decided to revive this blog, after a long hiatus. just in time for the International Poetry Writing Month (and a day after April Fool's, just so you know this is no joke). i'm hoping to post poems and essays and analyses on poems throughout the month. kudos to Ivy Alvarez for starting this a few years back.

a sonnet-length draft below (an ekphrastic attempt of sorts).

Man vs. Himself

Trapped in marble, Rodin's Thinker
maintains its pose, considers moss.
Mind’s poise has settled on that chin,
a testament to a century’s sheen,
a need for re-viewing. Because once
it was a poet. Since it is naked,
it must not feel,
the enlightened
might have thought. History loves
comedies. And paradoxes. Now
and then the sun exposes it, triggers
brilliance in its bronze. Now and then
birds, tourists. They come and go,
like Eliot's women: dressed against
Dante, yet talking of Michelangelo.