Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Mondays LV: Book Launch!

Mag:Net Cafe Katipunan will be hosting the launch of two new books from Milflores Publishing, Inc. on June 15, 2009. The books, Vlad Gonzales’s A-Side/B-Side and Carljoe Javier’s And the Geek Shall Inherit the Earth are the latest additions to Milflores’s line of humorous Creative Nonfiction.
Gonzales’s A-Side/B-Side is a collection of music-themed Creative Nonfiction evoking nostalgia, the joy of music, and fond memories of loved songs, while providing rollickingly funny stories. It’s the kind of collection that will have you laughing to yourself awkwardly in public places.
Javier’s And the Geek Shall Inherit the Earth chronicles the adventures, or misadventures, of a geek in the Philippines. With essays about being a reality show contestant, spending time with men’s magazine models, teaching at an all-girls’ school, and many more funny predicaments, the collection is sure to leave the reader giggling.
The program is part of Mag;Net Cafe’s Happy Mondays Poetry Nights, and will begin at 7:00. Cocktails will be served during the book signing. Then there will be readings and performances. Everyone is invited to come.

Confirmed readers for Happy Mondays Poetry Nights are as follows:

1. Yol Jamendang
2. Khavn De la Cruz
3. Pocholo Goitia
4. Allan Popa
5. Seej Gomera
6. Donna Miranda
7. Adam David
8. Mikael Co
9. JL Poquiz
10. Totel De Jesus
11. Ali Sangalang
12. Eros Atalia
13. Marguerite De Leon
14. Alessandra Miguel

Hosted by Angelo Suarez

followed by live band performances by:

1. Nerdita
2. Tom Estrella Sr. and the Shadows
3. Los Chupacabraz
4. Broken Sauce
5. Ivan Theory
6. Giniling Festival
7. T.E.A.T.S.
8. Goliath (featuring Lourd De Veyra and Jay Gapasin)

FREE ADMISSION the whole evening. kitakits po tayo! :)