Wednesday, April 29, 2009

IntPoWrimo: Day 29

With its swift
flick and plummet
through the chrism
of these first hours
after the rain
spraying droplets
off its wingtips then
scissoring past
the phone lines
into the blue
distance of roofs
and freeways
how not see it as
diving past
all we slather
onto the world
diving past it
the same way
we survive
our happiness
and also: sorrow.


The Lions

from Poetry Daily

Renga # 29

i want to be
anonymous, but it seems
that that's just not possible
when language is the thumbprint
when language is the culprit
that feeds the thumbprint
when the words outweigh
meaning. i do not matter.
i am no one. and many more.

h, lawrence, ramblingsoul