Thursday, June 12, 2008


Here's Waps San Diego reading his new poem Galileo.

Rafael C. San Diego

Because the wood is old and the varnish older
because we sleep under shafts of night
the full moon looks like a child’s finger
pointing at what it cannot trace and the songs

that blink out of the land rise to meet it
everywhere they are doomed to miss
each other like a word spoken to an ocean

like sin and a bird like a comet streaming
across the void and the blanket of dust
that burns but does not vanish like the memory

of a perfect rainbow in the sky when one
is out walking in despair and quickly smiles
after the rain but does not look for it again
like a child’s hand one day touching the fabric

of her mother’s last dress and reason
and logic trying to find its place in a masterpiece

made one day by a hungry man his feet
as ice his heart warm with understanding
knowing that his hand moves unwilled

that his eyes move across the canvass across
the notes with speed that does not come from
any sort of light any sort of pang any sort
of muse because the mind is made of meat

because the old are full of dreams because
the young are not so bright because the moon
is looking for us because it will not come back

until next month because that is how it all
began because the night is full of promises
and windows are bereft of color and the eye

can only dream of piercing the atmosphere
without technology honed through eons
of dreaming eons of telling everybody that
there is something out there something

that resembles the moon that resembles a song
resembles the world only they burn but do not
come closer because there are some things
that are not meant to touch like a finger and a star
like an eye and a soul like Galileo and the answers
he so yearned for like an empty chair waiting
for a god to finally sit down on it and take it far away.