Saturday, December 01, 2007

Happy Mondays XVII + More Books

more books. no money so have to sell these babies. pick up on wednesday next week @kfc katipunan (or if you can meet me earlier). just place a comment or email me @ first to email/comment gets the book(s). tenk yu!

1. The Rattle Bag Poetry Anthology(500pp): edited by Seamus Heaney & Ted Hughes -- P400
2. Let's All Kill Constance (HB): Ray Bradbury -- P450
3. The Trouble With Poetry & Other Poems: Billy Collins -- P300
4. Is Sex Necessary? (75th Anniv Edition): Edited by James Thurber and E.B. White -- P300
5. The Sacred Wood (Essays on Poetry & Criticism): T.S. Eliot -- P400
6. To Criticize the Critic & Other Writings: T.S. Eliot -- P400
7. The Golden Apples of the Sun (Stories): Ray Bradbury -- P350
8. Green Shadows, White Whale: Ray Bradbury -- P350
9. The Elephant Vanishes: Haruki Murakami (a bit used)-- P250
10. After the Quake: Haruki Murakami (new) -- P400


It's the 17th installment of the Happy Mondays Poetry Nights again tomorrow, December 3, starting with the unveiling of Sir Marne Kilates' poem at the mag:net cafe's Poet's Alcove at 7pm.

below is the list of readers:

1. Lourd de Veyra vs. Eric Melendez
2. Marne Kilates
3. Allan Pastrana
4. Khavn dela Cruz
5. Angelo Suarez
6. Pancho Villanueva
7. Sasha Martinez
8. Adam David
9. Andrea Teran
10. Kris Lacaba

other expected poets and friends are Sir Krip Yuson, Sir Jimmy Abad, Lope Cui, Jr., and John Torres, and Arkaye Kierulf.

reading runs from 7 to 930pm. Admission is free.

Open Mic follows so bring 1-2 poems if you feel reading, guys. See you!