Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Aequus Nox

today marks the beginning of it. the latin phrase sounds weird enough when directly translated to english: equal night. probably why they combined the two words. equinox. that's even weirder. sounds greek even. it still doesn't seem to equate to anything sensible. where's the light? the sun? at may paki ba tayo dyan? siguro. sobrang init na nga naman. eh di tanggalin na lang.

Nakakatawa pa yung paliwanag sa wikipedia:

"In practice, the day is longer than the night. Commonly the day is defined as the period that sunlight reaches the ground in the absence of local obstacles. The Sun is a disc and not a single point of light, so when the center of the Sun is below the horizon, the upper edge is visible. Furthermore, the atmosphere refracts light, so even when the upper limb of the Sun is below the horizon, its rays reach over the horizon to the ground."

Well, at least, bakasyon na. Woohooo!