Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Down With the Sithness

I finally got to see Revenge of the Sith yesterday. It was well worth the wait because i got me the famed lazy and hellishly cozy seat in gateway's platinum cinema. panalo. free popcorn and drinks pa, with refills.

Tama nga sinabi ng mga kaibigang nanood na. daming cheesy lines. at masyadong ipinaliwanag lahat. Pero okay na rin; I'm not really complaining. Now that's done. Star Wars is done.

Now, what? Why, go back,
turn as I please.
My step is to the south.
-- Randall Jarrell

And to think I grew up on Star Wars. I think part of why I didn't want to see Revenge too soon was knowing sadly that it is the last. Naalala ko pa nung nakikipag-unahan ako sa SM City (ikalawa ako nakapasok sa Mall, ikalawa sa pila sa sinehan) para sa Phantom Menace. It was an odd sight: all those people rushing like Zergs, clambering up the stairs, not making any sound. Parang eksena sa Dawn of the Dead. At syempre, sa pila, daang-daang hapong-hapong Darths. It was beautiful.

You were saved because you were the first.
You were saved because you were the last.
-- Wislawa Symborszka

I'm on higher ground now. The view is good from here.


Lastly, from Ashbery's prose poem, "The System":

I know now that I am no longer waiting, and that the previous
part of my life in which I thought I was waiting and therefore
only half-alive was not waiting, although it was tinged with
expectancy, but living under and into this reply which has
suddenly caused everything in my world to take on a new
meaning. It is as though I had picked up a thread which I had
merely mislaid but which for a long time seemed lost. And all
because I am certain now, albeit for no very good reason, that it
was this one and no other...