Saturday, April 18, 2009

Edifice Complex

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And before the end comes, the complete

corrosion of all things beautiful,

what calls us back to dust and the fine

delicate things under rocks, the solemn

quarters of the dead, or the believing

children who simply cannot resist

looking at the sun, curious about the circle

behind the wide glare presiding over

the world, the price of temporary blindness

that panics them and teaches us

to grow old wise to the benefits of light,

the harm of looking, trusting instead

the close and ephemeral, the feel

of objects, love; and the long view

of the old who are now straining

to look past all the nearby losses,

to the stars and their kind shapes,

now gradually being put out,

seemingly more distant, also perishable.


Renga # 18

a rucksack, my own two feet and the open road

lead to a rucksack, my own two feet

and the open road lead to rock

and roll. solid as. alternative

to the dream of looking over still waters.

but where to go?

where to find stillness

if not in water? maybe in my own two feet,

maybe in rock.

kuwabatake, the curator, gelo