Friday, April 17, 2009

More Than A Feeling

Boston Celtics fan here. and i'm very wary of the way the team will wind up during the Playoffs (starts this Sunday local time) with KG sidelined and all. but i've a feeling Doc Rivers has something up his sleeve (a la Paul Pierce's "injury" during last year's NBA Finals). Glenn Davis is playing well, yeah, but i won't be surprised if Garnett suddenly shows up ready to play in the first few home games. or maybe even start during Game 2? really. just a feeling. or more. anyway, Lebron's no doubt the MVP this year and i know some literary pillar who'll be sleeping very late this post-season, whisky in/on hand. hehe.

Renga # 17

The glaciers in their ancient creep
have lulled the polar bears to sleep,
then drift to more iambic shifts.

kuwabatake, waps, ramblingsoul