Sunday, April 19, 2009

IntPoWriMo: Day 19


what will she
now a she

trailing clouds
yet hearing our

muffled voices
all the while

from this dark
world and wide

what will she
mew or bray

as any envoy
might derive

an embryon
from animal

or amnion
from tender lamb

though tethered to
a human form

an embryon
in amnion

or bloom of jellies
at the whim

of storm and tide
the ocean's roar

above, around,
and then inside


The Hat
Spring 2009

from Poetry Daily

Renga # 19

Where she slipped, bled, her on to you

aside no visions of beauty be decrypt

from this dirt. This repentance,

the muddy stains. You may forget

her falling, but the gesture,

stroke of her hurting fingers,

that much remains.

cho, ramblingsoul