Thursday, April 02, 2009

Blue Fire

Blue tarp, blue form

synthetic but beautifully
perfect in its blue, torn
to tatters by the wind.

Wear and

The more pieces freed
from the whole, the more
the wind licks the blue
into flames. Serrated

blue fire.


Colorado Review
Spring 2009

from Poetry Daily

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Renga # 2

Sculpt the breath withdrawn

From within, polish the curves

And croak that whisper, utter

The guttural push,

Split the spittle from spirit

And body, and gushing forth now

The exhalation. So speak it, speak

of it: the eking of the ache,

this woe we plough upon,

the rich loam which sometimes

blossoms into heart, or a yield

of voices.

kuwabatake, ramblingsoul