Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April: IntPoWriMo

it's the beginning of the international poetry month (i'd like to think the US has no monopoly on this). can we do it again this year? a poem a day is the idea, but since that's really a herculean task to do individually, maybe we can instead begin an elaborate Renga and contribute a few lines which we can then collate and put together for posting in this blog at the end of each day? for those interested, just put your lines in the comment box and i'll post the full Renga at the end of the day.

so who's with me? :)

*many thanks to Ivy Alvarez and Maureen Thorson who are the original proponents of this project.

"Poems present their testimony as circumstantial evidences, not as closing argument." -- Denise Levertov

Renga # 1

Then sorrow settles in, like dust gathering
on a table in an old house. It makes perfect

sense: in this silent space stillness,
with the memory of movement made.

I do not know what sorrow looks like, only
that is sounds like a hummingbird

fluttering inside my heavy heart.
Loud and restless and insistent.

Flicker books of incidents and slow flow.
Home is a pulse.

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