Sunday, May 06, 2007

Ilabas Na Ang Mga Epektus!

below are the readers for tomorrow's biweekly happy mondays poetry nights in mag:net katipunan. los chupacabras rock the house and jack to the sound of the underground (bass!) afterwards. show starts at 930pm.

please come and support us and bring your stuff (or staff, para maraming tao, o kung hirap kayo maglakad).

1. Marne Kilates
2. Lourd De Veyra
3. Adam David
4. Corin Arenas
5. Jonar Sabilano
6. Kris Lacaba
7. Allan Pastrana
8. Waps San Diego
9. Kash Avena
10. Khavn Dela Cruz
11. Mikael De Lara Co
12, Israfel Fagela

some other readers are yet to confirm. karl de mesa's newly-formed band, tabloid lite, will also hit it, hit me, do the running man.

ayuz. kitakits.