Thursday, May 03, 2007



just got back from the pine city just to find out that somebody had sneaked into my apartment. my spider senses quickly told me something was wrong; the doorknob looked wobbly and was wobbly; the key was barely into the keyhole and it easily opened.

inside, the place was a mess. the lockers and cabinets had been opened, guts of clothes and paraphernalia spilling out onto the floor. wasak.

quickly called up the building guard while scouring the place to see if anything was missing. while my stuff were in total disarray, nothing seemed missing at first. in the first place, nada dinero. then i realized the guy did steal one thing: my 16gb sony flash drive which i left beside the pc.

now the weird part. on the floor, next to the swivel chair, i found these:

yep, Vans sneakers. laces knotted, with a little stain, but obviously almost-new; may sticker pa nga ng "size 10" sa loob, my size. ano to? pambawi?. or did the "sneaker" meant this as some symbolic shit of sorts?

our resident all-around carpenter/technician said the lock was irreparable. had to get a new knob and a second, double lock for, well, peace of mind.

whoever did this obviously knew that we were going away for a few days. but the pieces of the puzzle still do not fit.

so please, CSI wannabes and NBI (national bayaw inspectors) out there, tulong naman dyan.

what should i do with the shoes? isuot? ibenta? iwan sa management? o punta na ba ako presinto at dun na magpaliwanag?


Goes World Pop The

"it was a du bi ley,
du bi ley,
it was a du bi le-he-hey"

--from a cover of Morrissey's "Suedehead"

maiba naman. just to get my boggled mind off the eerie caper above. a friend just texted me this. i listened. and i came to realize just how shitty it is when some local band dares to "recycle" a popular song from two decades ago, adding nothing particularly innovative to the arrangement (much like that moronic acoustic cover of "crazy for you").

worse, the band obviously relied entirely on the most available "hits" for lyrics in google to desecrate the original's.

the song is two minds crack's popular ditty, "upside down". the right lyrics can be found here.

just compare and contrast to the corrupted lyrics while listening to both versions of the song.

except for that faulty "me" in the link's chorus (which the said band thankfully managed to change to "my"), the band seemingly wasn't up to the simple task of listening to the actual lyrics of the song. sadly and consequently, the original has been irrevocably bastardized. had the band taken the time to actually listen to the song they're covering (or give an honest damn about it outside its lucrative, retro-pop music re-potential [ka-ching!!!]), they might have done some justice to the song. kahit baduy pa 'yan.

as it is, the cover and the video are apparently a big hit. pinoy rock na pinoy rock daw. i don't get it, though; personally, i think the vocalist of this band sings so much like April "Boy" Regino having had too much to drink and too much pulutan.

yet my real issue is really how certain lines from the original lyrics are nowadays often carelessly and grossly transmogrified. buti na lang di pinalabas na orig nila yung kanta. and let's not forget the more popular phenomenon of riff-stealing in certain "pinoy" songs.

bamboo's cover of buklod's "tatsulok" i can probably endure. after all, he meant well. sana nga lang makinig talaga ang mga bata sa mensahe ng kanta.

but this one's just plain upside down.

hoy, mahiya naman kayo! kung di nyo pakikinggang mabuti yung nauna, magcover na lang kaya kayo ng sarili nyong kanta. meta-meta pa dating.