Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Marginalized My Butt!

Injured Manu Ginobili Only Flopping At 85%

SAN ANTONIO—Having returned Tuesday after missing 19 games with an ankle injury, Spurs guard Manu Ginobili expressed frustration with his level of play, saying that his ability to draw offensive fouls by flopping to the floor with little or no provocation was still only at "about 85 percent." "The ankle is healthy, but my flailing and splaying still aren't where they need to be," said Ginobili, who has begun to practice windmilling his arms and falling backward during shoot-arounds. "I'm used to throwing myself 10, sometimes 12 feet down court. At this point, I'm lucky if I'm getting 8 on a good flop. My wailing is good, but I need to be hitting the floor a lot harder than the guy hit me, if I was hit. I can't catch myself with my hands like I did in the second quarter tonight. That was bush league." Ginobili then flung himself out of the locker room, slid backward onto a bus, and tumbled wildly into his suburban home.

from The Onion

Renga # 8

I refuse to bathe today. The water is too cold.

Wika ni Elsa.

Na nasa Amerika. Pero elsewhere

"Je refuse aujourd'hui de se baigner," wika
ni Elsa.
"El agua está demasiado fría," wika ni Elsa.

Paisa-isang nauubos

ang wika ni Elsa. At ang budget

para sa heater. At ang perang

pangtawag sa 'Pinas.

“Comment allez-vous?” tanong
ni Elsa.

"Domo Arigato." wika ni Elsa. "Moshi Moshi Ano ne."

Ang kanyang sagot sa pag-angat ng teleponong nag-ring.

Walang nagsasalita. Prank call?