Monday, April 06, 2009

Happy Mondays L

featured readers for the 50th installment of the bi-weekly Happy Mondays Poetry Nights @ mag:net cafe Katipunan TONIGHT, April 6, @mag:net cafe Katipunan are as follows:

1. Allan Pastrana
2. Al Leonidas
3. Panch Alvarez
4. JR Moll
5. Pocholo Goitia
6. Glenn Atanacio
7. Eric Melendez
8. Ken Ishikawa
9. Mikael Co
10. Angelo Suarez
11. Pancho Villanueva
12. Wincy Ong
13. Totel De Jesus

*plus other regular and surprise guest readers.

*readings start promptly at 730 pm followed by the Open Mic sessions @ 930pm-10pm.

*for those interested in reading during the open mic, we will leave a sign-up sheet with Rogel, the bar tender of mag:net cafe. please feel free to sign up and read your work. :)

10pm onwards, Happy Mondays BayawAkouztikZoundz featuring:

1. Easy Fagela
2. Roberto Nicolas
3. Johnoy Danao

FREE ADMISSION the whole evening. Kitakits po tayo. :)

Renga # 6

I was born in the eighties. My fists were clenched

even before i learned how to cry.

Because anger arrived before sadness,

and bountiful rations of revolutions.

Used brass knuckles for teethers,

had a gun for a friend, and some nuclear stockpile

in my head. And I remember the robots. Music

turning into lasers. Trees of technology emerging

from cold war escaped, dismantling to extinguish

more cities yet again: spark, tinder, black vapor, ash.

I'm the horseman wearing keds,

he who comes to your doorstep with a boombox blaring:

“I just died in your arms tonight.

It must have been something you said”

Ambababuy niyo.

Not many people have sex—


I wonder now how

I will die. So much anger,

And all I have to show for it is

A bruising that lever left the skin,

an aversion to all things glinting,

say, a cheek softening upon contact.

And moisture.

I am twenty seven years-old. I still wish

my father was Dr. Armstrong,

Wishing everything can be broken

into cartoon cells.

Into weak words that fall into curses,

a trap for our desires.

An awakening. A slumber.

2009. We never thought we’d make it,

Our hands are now open.

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