Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Designer Music

"everywhere i go...lightflash!"

below's the "fashion statement" of up and coming designer Yol Jamendang for his Summer Collection 2009:

Hi! Ako po si Yol. Isa po akong underwear designer. Ngayong tag-araw, maglalabas ako ng collection na pinamagatan kong Urbanidad. Binubuo ito ng mga underwear na binurdahan ng mga slogan at street sign na matatagpuan sa minamahal nating lungsod. So far, ito po ang mga slogan at street sign na maari niyong pagpilian, sakaling gusto niyong umorder:

Keep off the grass

Slippery when wet

Accident prone area

Please use the other door

Do not disturb

Please fall in line

Watch your head

Not for hire

No trespassing

No pets allowed

Capacity:15 persons

Hard hat area

Beware of falling debris

What you eat is what you are

Thank you, please come again

Baggage Counter

Handle with care

Caution: Hot Filling

AC/DC outlet

Please don’t leave my valuable unattended

Please feed on the animal

Keep ticket for infection

Baby on board

For clients only

Deep excavation

Mag-ingat sa so

No blowing of Horn


Now showing

This bank is equipped with a time delay device

Isipin ang susunod na gagamit

Bawal tumawad

Huwag magtulakan

Salamat, doktor

Isang sawsaw lang po

Bawal omehi

Batak mo, stuff ko

Think positive ka lang

Nice to look at, lovely to hold, but if you break it, consider it sold

Sit like a queen, don’t sit like a frog



Renga # 22 = 0

since no one contributed (and it's already quite late in the day), i just tried to finish the poem.

it is is it the dyslexic
quixotic lyric it is

or is it? the critic tickles
the twine, thick spine,

the line it is is it
problematic (sic)