Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Bad Abad

hehe. got the above email yesterday from a fake sir Jimmy (click it for the funny details) and we (myself and the real Jimmy Abad) were talking about it the whole afternoon yesterday. apparently, his email had been hacked. mea culpa, kaibigan, he said. the reason's because he got fooled by a supposed Yahoo spam saying his email account will be deleted if he would not fill in his password. well, we're never too old for bad ol' spam. anyway, do not email him using his old account. for any future correspondence with sir Jimmy, use his new email address: ayuz! wasak!

it's terrible, guy!


Renga # 26

We are in danger of losing
the ability to look up,
to the old ceiling and its sighs,

or, outside, to the tree
we first climbed at nine.
And to the sky,
of course, how could we forget

the sky?

Rain. Summer's silent spell penetrating the concrete.

And we stare, inspecting fallen things.

There's a halo somewhere.
Or angeldust. Even in the hollow of church bells, where

we often hear whispers
of prayer, we will never find
it, never remember

the high sky.

sasha, ramblingsoul