Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Amihan Redux

prends, the one-night only re-staging of Amihan will be this Saturday, April 18, 630PM, at the Marian Auditorium of Miriam College. it's a Free Admission run. please email me,, if you want to have tickets (the sooner you get them the better; because availability of seats may be limited soon since it's, like i've mentioned, a free run). each ticket/invite is good for two people. :)


Renga # 15

One day I would like to go down on one knee,

Pull out a ring, and ask the wind to marry me.

Watch it say no, then go.

One day there will be a boy. I would like

not to be so horny. I would take them

for a swim to watch them go dark dipping.

One day, for the lack of a better line,

I will go down deep on the valley

and comb my hands through the loam,

hoping for the outburst of a spring.

One day -- wearying of bright light

and rollicking breezes, of the sky,

its varied inhabitants,

the many placid faces of water --

I will have to tread,

gingerly down roughened paths,

I will have to grab the poet

by the scruff of his neck,

and tell him to come home[.]

[, damn it.]

keith, waps, TS Eliot, kuwabatake, sasha