Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Mondays XXVIII

and 28 weeks later...

featured readers for the 28th installment of the Happy Mondays Poetry Nights TONIGHT @ mag:net cafe katipunan as follows:

1. Allan Pastrana
2. Kris Lacaba
3. Douglas Candano
4. Naya Valdellon
5. Adam David
6. Marie La ViƱa
7. Angelo Suarez
8. Khavn Dela Cruz
9. Mikael Co
10.Lourd De Veyra
11. Daryll Delgado
12. Jonar Sabilano

plus other guests and regular readers.

Los Chupacabras will play a couple of songs in between the readings.

free admission. reading starts at 7pm and runs up to 10. please bring your poems for the open mic.

despedida na rin para kay naya, na babalik na sa canada. at welkam bak reading naman para kay doug, na kababalik lang.

kitakits, mga prends.


a bit of good news. anvil is publishing my newer poetry collection this coming september, just in time for the bookfair. wasak!

Seeing Things

An eye darting into the landscape
is a stab at attentiveness. It is mid-September,
the branches swollen and wind-ridden.
There is a street lamp igniting the streaks
of rainfall and the tender collision of water
and leaf. In this weather, everything is possible.

You press a palm against one eye and suddenly
the curve of that cloud is tracing the neck of a mammoth,
huge and gray and now the creature is briskly shaking
its head, covering everything with torrents of fur.
You find yourself whispering there, there,
stroking the mammoth’s face as if to calm it,

to settle the rampage now flooding the atmosphere.
Or simply to convince yourself that yes, this is permissible.
Seeing things is a delicate and gentle duress. Look again.