Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Mondays XXII

readers for tonight's 22nd installment of the Happy Mondays Poetry Nights @ Mag:Net Cafe Katipunan as follows:

1. Lourd De Veyra
2. Ina Feleo
3. Eric Melendez
4. Kash Avena
5. Pocholo Goitia
6. Daryll Delgado
7. Pancho Villanueva
8. Peachy Paderna
9. Marne Kilates
10. Sasha Martinez
11. Krip Yuson
12. Enuh Iglesias

plus other special guests and first-time readers.

reading runs from 7 to 930pm. free admission. see you guys.

btw, if you guys want to join the Happy Mondays readers list, please email me, and we'll include you in the line-up. better yet, come to magnet tonight if you have poems you'd like to read. The Happy Mondays Poetry Nights is open to all writers who want to read their work. :)


my poems are up @ the Concelebratory Shoehorn Review website. Thanks to editor Maurice Oliver for the invite.