Thursday, July 26, 2007

Winding Up

I live on the water,
alone. Without wife and children,
I have circled every possibility
to come to this:

a low house by grey water,
with windows always open
to the stale sea. We do not choose such things,

but we are what we have made.
We suffer, the years pass,
we shed freight but not our need

for encumbrances. Love is a stone
that settled on the sea-bed
under grey water. Now, I require nothing

from poetry but true feeling,
no pity, no fame, no healing. Silent wife,
we can sit watching grey water,

and in a life awash
with mediocrity and trash
live rock-like.

I shall unlearn feeling,
unlearn my gift. That is greater
and harder than what passes there for life.

--Derek Walcott

for discussion (E-109), reporting (E-106)


btw, drop by the Rock Ed Radio website and scroll down re: updates and photos on the Los Chupacabras guesting last July 1. muchas gracias for inviting us over, Gang and Lourd.


at eto na! final cover design for the band's upcoming album this september! abangan!