Saturday, April 21, 2007

Straight to Hell

read that the Catholic church has finally "buried" the concept of "limbo," that middle place between heaven and earth better known in Christian dogma (or in classic, "Alighieric" literature) as the purgatorio.

the main idea for this religious revamp is really to resolve the age-old issue that has to do with unbaptized children not going straight to heaven. of course, it goes without saying that the new treatise does not say anything in regard to what Dante says in the Divine Comedy of purgatory being the resting place for non-believing philosophers and intellectuals like, well, Plato and Socrates (or Spartan warriors like Leonidas).

the funny implication is that we may now say that their long wait is over and they can now "go to hell," as far as the Vatican is concerned. hahaha. wasak.

and by the way, are catholic churches now required to revise some "staple lines" from the mass? and will there be more circles to be added to the inferno?

from the onion

Tenth Circle Added To Rapidly Growing Hell