Monday, April 23, 2007

Scorched Earth


We crept out of the water and shivered under our skins. We isolated the weak.
In the widespread cold, we strove for company. We huddled together, growing
Warmer and surveying the view. We discovered beauty in stones. Eventually
We put away the furs and left the wild beasts alone. When we decided to settle,
We lined the sunset with a collage of trees. We learned landscaping, irrigation.
We built high roofs and even higher walls. We relished culture, privacy. All this
During the early years, long before we managed to separate ice from water,
To push it out of our territories the way we drove away the wolves. Until today,
Illuminated by sunbeams, pillars of glacier collapsing far away, dwindling into
The keening sea, where now resonates but some vague memory, history offering
Nothing but water, more water. Or none. Where a brilliant change is taking place.