Friday, April 13, 2007

Matrix Reloaded

this news arrived quicker than yesterday's update. and is almost as tragic.

just changed my browser to Firefox, as my IE was corrupted by that friggin' quick news virus. my anti-virus quickly detected about 7 trojans/worms corrupting my PC; the moment i clicked on my IE icon to browse, my home page had moved to a porno site. wasak!

btw, i got it from Yahoo Messenger, when a friend whose status message was infected and linked to a website that allowed her name to be used in making spam links. clicking the link--as ones assumes he/she trusts the person sending it--spawns this whole he/shebang. if you are among my ym links who got a view-a-link message from me, pasensya na. i hope you knew better and not opened it.

anyway, if your ym status message did get infected, just type in new status messages until the link gets overrun by the newer ones. and please do check your PC by running an anti-virus program. thanks to Palanca-winning tech support bayaw paul for the help in the tweaking and hipag corin for convincing me to convert to "firefoxism". hehe.

late update: apparently, flooding the virus status message is not enough. i ended up doing a system restore of my windows. thanks again, paul. that took care of every bad luck this day had offered.

found lots of helpful and informative sites as to the benefits of using firefox. here is one.

and, just in case you also encounter the quicknews virus, here are the steps to follow in order to nurse your computer back to full health:

How to remove malware virus worm

1. Disconnect your computer from the Internet.

2. Restart your computer.

3. Open IE browser. Go to Tools>Internet Option>Programs. Click "Reset Web Setting">Yes.

3. Go to Tools>Internet Option, Click Delete files, Delete Cookies, and Clear History.

4. Go to Drive C > Document and Setting > ( the administrator folder). Clean the folders named Cookies, My Recent Document.

5. Under the folder open in #4, go to folder "Local Setting". If you cannot see any local setting, click Search (fond in the toolbar)>All Files and Folders then type Local Setting. Make sure that under the "More Advance Option", found below,the "Search Hidden Files and Folders" is checked before searching.

6. Under Local Setting folder, clean the folder Temp, Temporary Internet Files and History.

7. Delete the IEXPLORER icon found in your Desktop. This logo is different from the original IExplorer Logo. Also Delete the IEXPLORER found in your desktop with EXE function.

8. Restart Your computer. Run an anti-virus for more clean up.

Note: If other threats are found and your anti virus is not working, follow the location folder where the threats are. Delete any recognized threat. Make sure to delete the exact name of the threat because you might delete some important components.

*and if i may add, after following these simple eight steps, delete your corrupted IE shortcuts and Migrate to Firefox!



It happens that one arrives home
to find another country, the flowers
speaking of another happiness.
Here the roses are ridiculously yellow,
and the sheen of architecture strange yet,
because of history, familiar, meaningful.

Why things persist, you’ve almost forgotten.
Now you are whispering to a rose, saying softly,
you look better in red. And everything blushes
past you, nursing secrets. You, however, know better.
So while the foreigners sit down for pasta tonight,
you will relive history, give in to older claims.

You walk with the gait of a tourist, of course,
and you are. Roses are red, you begin, taking pride
in the given. Now everyone’s looking away.
They are all guilty and blushing. And you are
saying these things because you are wounded.
The roses lie crushed and your hands are bleeding.