Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Cheers for Peers

muchos gracias to all those who came last night and lent their support to the launch of the "Happy Mondays" poetry nights in mag:net, katipunan. since this is a biweekly event, the next one is slated for april 16 (another monday, of course). the same gratitude goes to all who came to watch los chupacabras' reunion gig. we hope you'll continue to support us. also, to all the friends and co-bayaws who dropped by, said and "kissed their hellos" (from suzanne vega), had a few bottles, and stayed till the end for our birthday boy bayaw, maraming salamat po! hanggang sa susunod na kabanata.

and most importantly, heartfelt thanks to all of last night's readers (everyone came save for "the lourd" who had to attend to something). to the brockas who played after us (khavn, john, tengal, arvi), gelo suarez, sir cesare, sir butch, at maraming pang iba. baduy na at pilit, pero thank you for "sowing the seeds of love" for this great new thing to look forward to after our manic daytime mondays.

UPDATE: here are just some photos from the reading, courtesy of the world is my sandbox

itong huling larawan ang panalo. hanapin si yol yamendang! hehe.

btw, if you want to join the upcoming readings, even if only for the open mic segment, please do inform me of your intentions by emailing likeentropy@yahoo.com. thanks!