Wednesday, March 28, 2007


from this interesting site that talks about the extinction of the Steller's Sea Cow:

"Georg Wilhelm Steller, the naturalist and physician on a Bering Sea expedition, recorded the first, and best, descriptions of the sea cow:"

These animals, like cattle, live in herds at sea, males and females going together and driving the young before them about the shore. They are occupied with nothing else but their food. The back and half the body are always seen out of the water.They eat in the same manner as the land animals, with a slow forward movement. They tear the seaweed from the rocks with the feet and chew it without cessation... During the eating they move the head and neck like an ox, and after the lapse of a few minutes they lift the head out of the water and draw fresh air with a rasping and snorting sound after the manner of horses.

Seacow, Si Ako, Dugong
Pilipino. I am the other
walrus. Toothless and kind,
paddling away to safety.
Yet calling to you, sirenian.
Breaching the surf, beaching.


Below are some other "manipulations" by up and coming painter and web designer Emman Acasio (who made the Makahiya photo on the right bar of the blog).