Friday, November 18, 2005

Lasang Bebel Gum!

"you're nothing but a second-rate, trying hard, '90s copycat! die, die!"
-- Big Bert

Got this '80s Pop Quiz from the blog of Frank Cimatu for a book he is co-writing with Roland Tolentino on the Marcos Babies. Sige nga, sagutan n'yo.

1. Who was the woman in the Shell commercial that later starred in "Ang Boyfriend Kong Mamaw?"
2. What do the letters T.O.D.A.S. stand for?
3. Who was the host of "Spin-A-Win?"
4. What was the name of the soup that told viewers to "just add one egg?"
5. Who broke a piece of chalk and dipped it into fluoride for a Colgate ad?
6. One of Nino Muhlach's first films, this movie starred the child actor as a boy with the paranormal ability to control insects with his mind. What was this film?
7. If Randy Santiago was a "babaero," then who was the "pabling?"
8. Who played Lola Agueda on the soap "Flor de Luna?"
9. "Ito ay terrible, ito ay buhol-buhol." What TV show is this referring to?
10. Religious figures like American televangelist Rex Humbard and El Shaddai's Brother Mike Velarde have always flourished on Filipino TV, but none were weirder than the long-haired, bare-chested preacher who, while carrying a python around his neck, invited viewers to join him on his "Spaceship ET2000." Who was this man?
11. What was Vilma Santos's "cherished possession?"
12. An extremely talented guitarist, he was murdered just after his band released their much-praised first album. What was his name?
13. "That's the latest from PAG-ASA." This weatherman charmed viewers with his trademark sign-off -- and his heavily accented English -- on GMA-7's news program. Who was he?
14. One of the most wonderfully catchy advertisement jingles of the '80s was in a local ad for Chiclets: "Ang hilig ng bibig, Chiclets" -- then the kids would yell, "Chiclets!" -- followed by the unforgettable "Chicletin mo baby!" According to this jingle, what flavors of Chiclets were there?
15. Who loves you three times a day?
16. Our weekly motto ("Wala ka nang hahanapin pa") is the tagline for what product?
17. What was Kris Aquino's film debut?
18. The skin-crawling voiceover on Channel 13's "Pinoy Thriller" asked every week, "Ano ang nasa dakong paroon, bunga ng -- " What three-word phrase completed the line?
19. "Sa gabi siya'y bonggang-bongga." But in the morning, what did Annie Batungbakal do?
20. In one of the most often-told jokes of the past few decades, Alma Moreno goes to a McDonald's and orders a Big Mac and fries. When the cashier asks " For here or to go?" Alma answers -- what?
21. Dolphy, Chiquito, Balot, Palito, Pugo and Bentot are some one-named comedian names. What was Panchito's last name?
22. "That's the latest from PAG-ASA," the weatherman from Question 13 would say at the end of his weather segment. What was the last thing Inday Badiday would say at the end of "See-True?"
23. What candy, mixed with Sprite or 7-Up, was supposed to make you high?
24. On what U.S. sitcom was Eric Quizon and Redford White's TV show "Buddy en Sol" based?
25. For which basketball team did Billy Ray Bates first play?
26. Every tourist who goes to Baguio comes home with one of these tacky souvenirs: that wooden guy in a barrel with the disproportionately large and erect) appendage. What was the name of the film based on "the wooden guy" coming to life?
27. What was the name of the comic book character that was half-snake, half-man?
28. "May baril, walang bala; may bulsa, walang pera." Who is this referring to?
29. This California-based lite jazz pianist dedicated one of his compositions on a 1985 album to Ninoy Aquino. Who is he?
30. Where can you see the fried chicken on a 10-peso bill?
31. What was the theme song to the landmark film Bagets? 32. Who was it who said "Takot ako?"
33. Gelli, Claudine, Aga, Harlene, Rustom: One of these things are not like the others; which one is different, do you know? (And why?)
34. What animal is depicted on a Jack and Jill Chiz Curls package?
35. What did the cast members of "T.O.D.A.S." do at the end of every episode?
. What did the cast members of Palibhasa Lalaki do at the end of every episode?
37. In the film Tangga and Chos, which comedian, playing a gay hairdresser turned secret agent, starred in his first lead role, opposite Joey de Leon? (Hint: He is not Rene Requiestas.)
38. What is the exact recipe for "Star rice?"
39. You are a guy named Dingdong Avanzado, and you want to call up this girl whom you really miss. But you have no change in your pocket, so you ask some woman for change. How much money would the phone call cost?
40. What product tasted like "bebel gum?"
41. What were the exact three numbers that figured in the Pepsi contest scandal?
42. What is the number on Robert Jaworski's basketball jersey?
43. What brand of ballpoint pen "writes thousands and thousands of words?"
44. In one of the more bizarre rumors of its day, the fitting room (or elevator, or whatever) of this department store housed an enormous python (or a half-snake, half-man creature, or whatever) which preyed on customers. What was the name of this department store?
45. What do the letters "BLTB" stand for?
46. In his films with Rene Requiestas, Joey de Leon would sometimes adopt a particular sideways pose, combined with a slouch of the shoulders. He would then follow this pose with rapid-fire punches at an opponent. Which action star was he parodying?
47. Who was the karate action star that also played a Hitler-like superhero in action comedies?
48. Who's gonna "knock on your door, ring on your bell, tap on your window too"?
49. Ano 'yung tawag sa cartoon marathon sa channel 9 that included blackstar, jana of the jungle, superfriends?
50. Sino yung autobot na nagiging microscope?
51. Sinu-sino yung 13 members of the legion of doom?
52. What is the title of the classic horror movie that starred Lorna T, Rudy Fernandez, and George Estregan?
53. Sino yung laging kasama ni Chiquito sa mga movies n'ya? Eh si FPJ?
54. Sino yung dating hippie na new age preacher sa TV? Naka-afro pa at rose-tinted glasses yun.
55. Who were the three actors who starred in Alagad ni Kalantiao?