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The article below came out in The Philippine Star yesterday. Very strong anti-blogging statements. Fire away.


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STILL TALKING By Enrico Miguel T. Subido
The Philippine STAR 10/07/2005

Only people who keep a blog will ever understand why these things exist. Having read a random blog for the first time only a few days ago, the whole concept of keeping one is still a bit hazy. The fact that some of these blogs are maniacally updated makes me wonder if any of the following are common ailments among bloggers: carpal tunnel syndrome, acute back and neck spasms, or "my-starving-ego-needs-to-be-fedinitis."

Without a doubt, blogs are great because they are free; yet another means to stay in touch with friends without incurring a fee. For those who see other possibilities, blogs are the perfect venue for sharing news and information over common interests. Unknown writers can even be recognized for their skills all because of these on-line journals. Therapeutically, people who write a million words a minute are given some kind of outlet with blogs.

Still, the idea of having an on-line journal anyone can look through is out of my grasp. Just talking to someone about what happened during my day appeals to me more. Besides, it’s physically impossible to share a beer with someone over a blog.

I find it odd that people are comfortable reading about what goes on in other people’s lives. I find it even more odd that people are willing to post their day-to-day transactions on the Internet, the widest database in the world, for everyone to read. I get the sense that there is some double overhead reverse freaky-voyeurism somewhere at play here.

Then again, it may just be that I’m a lethargicon. All the work you put into signing up, registering, uploading and constant updating doesn’t appeal to my lethargic nature. Besides, sitting in front of a computer for more than an hour makes my head hurt. My evasion of blogging could also be the result of this paranoia I have for computers and the vastness of the Internet.

There are, however, some really interesting blogs out there. It took me a while to find some, which, because of my impatience with computers, is probably another reason I will never ever blog. I acknowledge that these are very cool and functional blogs. Still, I must ask this of everyone who has a regularly updated blog: Why?

I really don’t understand the blog logic right now, and I don’t think I ever will. But then again, that’s just me. Onto the blogs:

Jim Lee’s Blog is fun and helpful for anyone interested in comic art, drawing tips and critiques. Famous for his work with Marvel Comics’ X-Men and his creation the Wild C.A.T.S., Jim Lee hosts a mean blog that includes all his other work. It’s fairly easy to navigate through and it’s complemented by a lot of impressive visuals so there’s a lot to be distracted by. Jim Lee is a personal favorite whom I thought I would never hear about again. Thank God for his blog, he once again exists. His artistry lives on in this virtual domain, however far a digital leap it has taken. The first blog is located at, but it has recently moved to the aptly named "Sun of Gelatometti" at The growth and progression of this blog from small beginnings can be observed within these two websites.

After several attempts at finding another functional blog, the perfect site for guitar aficionados was discovered. Typing in "guitar blogs" on the Google searchbar gave the completely functional and aesthetically laid out Guitar Trader blog. It is an effective site for anyone looking to find a guitar on the net. The blog provides high-resolution images, prices, opinions and any other pieces of helpful information on the guitars up for grabs. Located at the easy-to-remember, this blog is appealing in the "Auto Trader" sort of way.

After typing in "guitar blogs" in Google, I took a chance and typed in "bass guitar blogs," with the hopes of finding information on a nice Fender four-string Jazz bass. Both bass and guitar turned up, but not the way I expected it to. The link directed me to this site, http:/, which is totally dedicated to bigmouth bass fishing. And playing the guitar while on the boat. The blog advises on the best season to fish for bigmouth bass; which baits and lures the bass are attracted to the most, and how relaxing it is to play the guitar out starboard. It wasn’t the bass I was really looking for, but functional respect indeed. Whoever looks after this blog knows his guitar and his bigmouth bass. And probably sings some bluegrass tunes, besides.

These may be the last three blogs I will ever read in my life. The sifting process through all the other "what-I-did-today" blogs led me to these pretty functional blog spots. The same sifting process has also pointed me in the direction of my comfy bed. Too much time has been spent in front of the computer. Every single blog is the same. I’m tired of computers and blogs. Must sleep.
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