Sunday, July 17, 2005


of salvation is exactly

what I don’t want to hear about

right now. And it’s not

just that I know it’s not

likely to include me. Have you heard,

my friend asks, the story about

the horses at nightfall? Or the one

where we’re lost in the forest?

Of course I realize it’s easier

to get into any heaven you’ve made

up for yourself, that the whole point

of religion is that it isn’t

whatever you happen to need

at the moment. Somebody tells you,

because somebody knows. That’s why

are rules. Maybe consequences

will occur, my friend suggests,

which we can’t foresee, creating

conditions we may find ourselves

powerless to control. These days

who can tell? So there we are,

out in the weather, out in the cold.

And yes, I’d say it seems to have

some punishment in mind.

-- Lawrence Raab (from Octopus Magazine, Issue # 5)